A magnetic bracelet for Valentine’s Day



Those of you who are wondering what to get your wife/girlfriend (or husband/boyfriend) for Saint Valentine’s Day could do worse than to buy them a magnetic bracelet.

Magnetic Therapy Bracelets is running a Valentine’s Day promotion with some excellent discounts. Try them and see if you can find what you like there. I’m sure you can.

Remember the good thing about magnets is that they attract. So if you want to remind that certain special someone in your life that you are still attracted to them, then a magnetic bracelet is the perfect gift.

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When will the sun return?


Large Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelet for Men

It would be so nice if we only had two seasons. This dreary, rainy dismal winter is really getting me down. So much so, that I was wondering if magnetic bracelets can cure Seasonal Affective Disorder? (That’s assuming that SAD exists – some psychological revisionists are now claiming that it doesn’t.)

Swarovski royal blue

Swarovski royal blue

But alas, there is no evidence that magnets can work such wonders. But there is more to magnetic jewellery than just the magnets themselves.  As I said, in another article recently, one should judge magnetic bracelets not by their magnetic strength but by their appearance. After all the principle value of jewellery is aesthetic. And when you have a shiny stainless steel bracelet on your wrist just an arms length away – or a sparkling Swarovski bracelet for that matter – its natural effect is to send out a “happiness signal”.

I am speaking figuratively of course, not literally. But I found that when I wear the Large Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelet, like the one at the top, I feel happier when I look at it. I’m not talking about “vibes” or anything esoteric like that. I mean simply that casting the occasional glance at it, acts as a sort of psycho-emotional pick-me-up and gives me a bit of a lilt. It lifts my spirit in a way that I can’t define.

ept-2052-mtbNow, of course, the traditionalists would say that this is a purely psychosomatic effect – the equivalent of the placebo effect that they use to explain away the fact that people often feel better physically when they wear magnetic jewellery. But that, of course, misses the point. Because depression itself is a psychosomatic condition, so it has to be addressed in the same way. It’s a case of fighting fire with fire.

Seasonal depression – in contrast to the clinical variety – amounts to the winter saying: “I will make you sad.” But just like villains have their nemesis and super-heroes have their Kryptonite, diseases have their cures. And that includes psychological ailments.

So when the winter says “I will depress you,” the placebo (in this case a magnetic bracelet) calmly and casually replies: “I will please.”

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Girl Power- from Boudicca to the Bangles

Boudicca2Does anyone remember The Bangles – a female instrumental band of the nineteen eighties, who could not only sing and write their own songs – and good songs too! – but could also play guitar, bass and drums? They were great weren’t they? Not like these vocal “girl bands” that are basically singing dancers.

Nowadays, the Bangles have been eclipsed – despite their musical skills – by vocal girl bands like the Spice Girls, who didn’t have one tenth of their talent. How ironic then that it is the Spice Girls who are associated with the phrase “girl power” rather than the infinitely more deserving Bangles.

bac-61-mtbFor my part, I have always been a fan of “woman power” as exemplified by women through the ages, like Rosalyn Yallow, Rose Franklin, Florence Nightingale, Elizabeth the First and the Brythonic Queen Boudicca, who led the ancient Briton’s on a war of vengeance against the Roman invaders after they flogged her and raped her daughters raped.

bac-67-wmps-510In a series of sweeping victories (aided in large part by sheer weight of numbers while theRoman’s were away in Anglesey crushing the druids) she laid waste to three cities, that were inhabited variously by Romans and Britons who had effectively collaborated with them. While she lost eventually.

My obsession with Boudicca led me to write a thriller called the Boudicca Parchments, a sort of “Dan Brown” style book combining modern conspiracies with ancient history and legend. On the cover of the book is a picture of a golden torc (a rigid necklace) similar to the one that the flaming-haired warrior queen is reputed to have worn in battle, as she spurred her army on from her chariot.

I have scoured the internet to find places selling copper torcs, if not golden ones, because I would like to surprise my girlfriend with one this Christmas. Alas I haven’t found anywhere selling them. Pity.

This leads us full circle, however, because while I didn’t find anywhere selling torcs, the website of Magnetic Therapy Bracelets site sells copper bangles that look a lot like Boudicca’s torc. For example there’s the Copper Ropes Magnetic that could almost be a scaled-down version of what Boudicca wore. And then there’s this Two Tone Magnetic Bangle.

Take a look at them and see what you like. They have others as well. Remember Christmas is time to give… and a time to treat yourself too.

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Keeping the nickel wear – I mean where – it belongs

an-brstd-5-gSome people – a small number, it has to be said – suffer from an allergy to nickel. The effect of this is that when they come into contact with items containing nickel, those unfortunate people come out in a rash or suffer skin irritation.

This can be a problem in the jewellery industry because a lot of jewellery items contain nickel. For example nickel is added to gold, to give it that extra sparkle and to create white gold. It can be alloyed with silver to stop it tarnishing. And it can be applied to the surface of copper bracelets to make the surface smoother and to prevent oxidization, which turns the copper an ugly blueish-green.

bac-51-mtbBut when nickel comes into contact with human skin it can transfer or “migrate” to – and through – human skin. Now I won’t digress to discuss the immigration debate, but this is one form of migration that people with a nickel allergy definitely don’t want.

There are tests that people can do to determine if they have a nickel allergy.

But the jewellery industry has a moral and legal duty to act with due diligence to minimize the risk to people who have such allergies. And when I say legal, I mean legal. Because Britain has enacted a standard, the latest version of which came into force on the 31st of August 2015. There is also a European Union Directive to this effect. These regulations basically require that a fair sampling of nickel coated products be tested to ensure that the transfer rate of nickel atoms or ions falls below a certain safe limit.

brstd-8-mtb (1)Not all suppliers of such products comply with these regulations. Some may even be unaware of them. And, of course, compliance is to some extent subjective, because the regulations not require that every product be tested – that would be impossible – but rather that the manufacturers and suppliers take reasonable care to make sure that the products they sell are within these safety standards.

Magnetic Therapy Bracelets, conducts vigorous and rigorous testing to ensure that its bracelets and other magnetic and copper jewellery complies with these standards. That is why customers always come back with high praise for their products.



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Back in the game

…of reviewing, telling and preaching.

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Alright, tell me! Do they work?

If you are in a need of any kind of therapy, that is most probably the bottom line of your visit on this blog – does it work or not? Will I get any better?

First of all, what we suggest is to read as many user feedbacks as possible. Even if on the internet there are many people trying to fool you, personal narratives are the most reliable. Based on the style and the content you can usually easily spot if it is a fraud anyway.

With the second point, you will not get any closer to a straight answer, but it is a true one!
It depends….  It would be hard to deny that magnets does have effect on human (and even animal) body. But how efficient it is, is influenced by many factors: first of your health condition.

If you would like to get your question answered, it will not be a simple yes or no. Health and treatments are not that easy.

To get the whole picture, you have to make some research for yourself, to fit your case. HERE you can find a great amount of collected knowledge about the way how magnetic therapy helps in healing.

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Be original!

Be original!

You could not imagine a a real stylish man’s bangle before?
Here is a great example!
Unique modern design combined with manliness. Has got quite a tough look.

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