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…of reviewing, telling and preaching.

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Alright, tell me! Do they work?

If you are in a need of any kind of therapy, that is most probably the bottom line of your visit on this blog – does it work or not? Will I get any better?

First of all, what we suggest is to read as many user feedbacks as possible. Even if on the internet there are many people trying to fool you, personal narratives are the most reliable. Based on the style and the content you can usually easily spot if it is a fraud anyway.

With the second point, you will not get any closer to a straight answer, but it is a true one!
It depends….  It would be hard to deny that magnets does have effect on human (and even animal) body. But how efficient it is, is influenced by many factors: first of your health condition.

If you would like to get your question answered, it will not be a simple yes or no. Health and treatments are not that easy.

To get the whole picture, you have to make some research for yourself, to fit your case. HERE you can find a great amount of collected knowledge about the way how magnetic therapy helps in healing.

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Be original!

Be original!

You could not imagine a a real stylish man’s bangle before?
Here is a great example!
Unique modern design combined with manliness. Has got quite a tough look.

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What do the customers of Northern Polarity say?

“I can’t honestly vouch for the effectiveness of the magnetic therapy although I’m inclined to believe it does provide some benefit. However, I can say that I am pleased with the bracelet as an attractive piece of jewellery, which I’m very happy to wear. If it delivers some health benefit, that’s a bonus. Less than 48hrs from order to delivery with free p&p is great service.”

“Fast delivery and excellent service and quality.”


“Bought for my wife who suffers from MS. Attractive product with good magnets to proper strength. First class website, service – recommend”

“I ordered one bracelet which arrived very quickly.  I was so impressed with the service and the excellent product that I immediately ordered a second one. It arrived the next day – fantastic service!”

“The clear website, good range and attractive looking bracelets with proper strength magnets helped me choose this company. Bracelet arrived duly shortened in double quick time, looks good and amazingly I felt aa benefited within 1 day, with less pain in my joints. Definite feeling of well being now after a few days. Thanks”

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Real Classic

Real Classic

This Northern Polarity Bracelet is a real classic!
Modest design for every day use or for occasions which require elegant look.

Stainless Steel, part gold plated with 20 magnets 3,000 gauss each.

Hypoallergenic and scratch resistant.

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How to wear Magnetic Therapy bracelets

Magnetic Therapy bracelets are basically no different from usual bracelets in this aspect.

A they have no known side effects, you cannot wear them too long. Some people even like to sleep with having them on. If it is comfortable for you, there is no problem with that. It might be even better for the effects, as magnets can help to improve the oxygen carrying capacity only if they are close to your veins. Based on that, there is no need to have direct connection to your body, or to your skin. You can leave it as loose as comfortable, no more tight then the other bracelets you usually wear.

Simple as that, no “but”, no exceptions.

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Magnetic Bracelet with original SWAROVSKI elements


When fashion and Magnetic Therapy meets.
Fabolous bracelets with original Swarovski elements, for sparkling personalities!


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