Don’t let the experts dictate to you!

Magnetic bracelets, like most alternative medicine, are a contentious issue. Mainstream medicine hates anything that sounds like it’s remotely connected to anything “alternative”.  They say that they are the experts and it is their carefully stage-managed, double-blind, controlled studies published in peer-reviewed journals (owned by an oligopoly of publishers who prevent scientists from republishing their own work) that should call the shots.

And they have little time for any uppity member of the public who dares to pit their personal experience – or “anecdotal evidence” as the experts call it – against the “solid science” of the healthcare professionals.

bras-3a-emt-510But should we really be quite so deferential to the so-called experts? We tried that with the financial experts and look where it got us. We were led (up the garden path) to believe that there was a small clique of financial giants who towered head and shoulders above the rest of us  and who knew better than us what was good for our financial health. And then it all came a-cropper in 2008 – just as it had in 1929 and at various other times when the Big Boys got it badly wrong. And once again – as usual – they came back with that tired old excuse: we weren’t stupid; we were just unlucky.

And that’s the way it is with experts. When they’re right, it’s because they’re smart and clever and knowledgeable and oh-so-well-informed, steeped in scholarship, learning and wisdom that the rest of us couldn’t even begin to understand. No one should ever dare to suggest that they got it right simply because they were lucky. But come disaster hour and they’re quick to land the first punch by telling us that while their success at calling the shots is due to their almost unerring wisdom. Their failure cannot be credited to lack of wisdom. No, it is a case of: when we’re right we’re smart and when we’re wrong it’s because lady-luck threw us a googly (curve-ball is the best approximate analogy, if you’re an American).

brstd-10-mt-510In the case of the financial realm, some of those Goliaths of Mamon (the businessmen if not the academics) can at least claim that they have actually made money themselves, proving that they must know what they are doing, to some extent. That they have also lost money – in many cases – they are quick to gloss over.

But none of this applies to the medical community. Can we honestly say that healthcare professionals are healthier than the rest of the population? Some are. But some plainly aren’t. I remember once being told by a nurse, after I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, that I had to lose weight. I am 5’6″ and at the time I weighed nearly 14 stone. But the nurse who gave me this cautionary advice was slightly shorter than I weight about 20! Of course, she meant well, and I wouldn’t have dreamt of making any crass remarks about the pot calling the kettle black. But it served as a salutary reminder that whilst the experts may indeed know best – sometimes- the old adage “physician, heal thyself” rings true.

So why then should we defer to them on the subject of magnetic therapy. Were they not the ones who once told us that blood-letting works? (It might for dictators, but not for doctors!) Should we not, instead, simply listen to our own bodies? And if our bodies tell us that magnetic therapy works for us, then why should we be dissuaded from wearing a bracelet that costs maybe £10 or £20, or even more, instead of adding our names to a weighting list or jumping the queue and splashing out hundreds, or even thousands, on mainstream medicine that frequently fares no better.

Of course there’s always painkillers… but don’t even get me started on those!

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Whom magnets have joined together, let no man put asunder!

brstd-13-mt-510One of the things that recent events have taught me is that nothing is completely predictable. I’m sure you all know what I am talking about – at least those of you who have been following the news lately. We are a country deeply divided, or at least so it appears. Differences of opinion are driving us apart to the point that we are losing even that most quintessentially British virtue: our politeness.

But there is  also a law that holds that it is what we have in common that binds us together. It is this that enables entire societies of diverse individuals to work together and thrive and flourish. The centripetal force is stronger than the centrifugal, when it comes to human solidarity. We may differ in our political convictions. But we all breathe the same air. We all desire prosperity and happiness. And, of course, we all aspire to be healthy.

brt-1047-mt-510But the cost of healthcare grows as the population grows (and ages). This is a major logistical challenge. New medicines and methods of treatment are being invented all the time. But they are expensive – not only in themselves but also in their development. Drug companies and medical research companies know that for every medicine and treatment that they successfully developer, there are dozens or even hundreds of others that they try without success. And naturally, they try to recoup these research expenditures in the prices they charge for the successful treatments and remedies.

But this makes those remedies expensive. And neither the overstretched National Health Service, nor the hard-pressed “man in the street” can afford them, in many cases. Consequently, people with chronic ailments are drawn to alternative medicine. This, of course, includes therapy magnets for healing.

And this, neatly segues into my theme – to which I return, yet again, with no apologies: therapy magnets. By that, I do not mean going into a therapist’s office and spending a fortune on being hooked up to electromagnetic machines. Rather, I mean wearing magnetic on one’s person to counter such chronic ailments as osteoarthritis, which has been proven to benefit from magnetic therapy.

brtsw-6-mtbAnd if one is going to wear a healing magnet on one’s person, it might as well be pleasing to the eye and aesthetically positive, whether it be copper bracelet for arthritis or one the many men’s bracelets packed with sports magnets. My reasoning is that just as magnets are attractive to other magnets and to red blood cells, aesthetic attractiveness has a powerful effect on one’s mentality, promoting the kind of positivity that counters pain and promotes an internal sense of well-being.

Remember that disease is a word that comes from dis-ease. In other words, the opposite of disease is being at ease. And healing bracelets with extra strong magnets that also look good, will certainly promote a sense of ease.

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Let’s bring magnetic bracelets to the high street

brs4-2-mt-510 (1)For a long time now, I’ve thought it rather strange that I never seem to find magnetic bracelets or bangles on the high street. Occasionally, one sees copper bangles on the high street – usually trashy ones that don’t look very good – but never magnetic bracelets for health or indeed anything using magnets for healing. Also never links magnetic bracelets or expanding ones.

Thin Jet Black Gold Edges Magnetic BraceletThis is indeed a mystery within a puzzle inside an enigma. In short, it makes no sense. What is even worse is that occasionally one does see them in markets, making them look cheap and diminishing the brands. When you consider that magnetic jewellery comes in different quality levels, depending on the creators and suppliers, it is important to understand that not all magnetic bracelets are equal.

Bio 4-Elements Titanium Magnetic BraceletThat cheap magnetic bangle that you get in a well-known high street chemist chain or on a stall in some flea market is several orders of magnitude lower than the high-quality magnetic bracelets that you get from a supplier like Magnetic Therapy Bracelets, which has some of the best bracelets around, including the Bio 4-elements bracelet (left) which has extra strong magnets and is in the forefront of men’s bracelets.

So, for example, the Thin Jet-Black Gold Edges Magnetic Bracelet shown in the second picture is vastly superior to anything you’ll find in a cheap market or the one high street retailer that stocks a few magnetic bangles.

But I think the time is right for a change. As the economy improves we will now start to see the emergence of the magnetic bracelet from the internet into the high street. The question is will it be the internet vendors who bring it there? Or will existing high street outlets get their first? Or will a new breed of venture capitalists take magnetic bracelets out there into the new markets?

Watch this space…


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Ankles and anklets

Finally, we’re starting to get a bit of warm weather as Summer slowly creeps towards us. As you know, I have said before that weather is very much a British obsession. Indeed, Samuel Johnson once observed that:

It is commonly observed, that when two Englishmen meet, their first talk is of the weather.

an-brt4-6 (anklet)

I can only apologise for raising the issue of the weather and the seasons yet again, but let’s face it, the weather affects what we wear. And jewellery is – almost by definition – a wearable item. Not that jewellery keeps us warm. But it becomes more prominent when we wear less, because most jewellery – broaches excepted – is worn on the naked flesh. And in summer, we show more flesh.

This is particularly true of the lower regions, to wit, the legs. And it is this writer’s humble opinion that when the legs of a beautiful woman are unadorned by clothing, they should be adorned instead by jewellery. I stress jewellery, not tattoos. This may be snobbery – or at least a personal prejudice – and there is no reason why the two should not go co-exist happily together. But my preference is for jewellery.

And that leads me to the subject of today’s blog: anklets.

an-brstd-5-gAnklets, or ankle bracelets, have been around for a long time, not only in the west, but also the east. They transcend culture and reflect a universal human desire for adornment that goes all the way back to our cave-dwelling ancestors. But some people have problems with their legs. Not problems as in looks, but problems as in pains, twisted ankles, muscle pain in the calves, lack of strength for long walks, etc.

Magnetic Therapy Bracelets offers a very nice range of anklets that serve the dual purpose of looking good and offering whatever supplementary benefits the wearer is able to obtain from magnetic bracelets. Now obviously this varies from person to person. But whichever anklet you choose – whether it be the Titanium 4 in 1 or the stainless steel double magnets anklet, you will find one that is just right for you.

What more could you ask?

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Are you interested in the history of magnetic therapy?

And especially the use of jewellery in such therapy? If so then you can find a wealth of information about the subject online. One particularly good resource, that is currently being updated, is the resources section of Magnetic Therapy Bracelets. There you will find articles on the navigational problems faced by Christopher Columbus, the use of magnets by French physician and hypnotist Franz Anton Mesmer, and ideas about the use of natural magnets for therapy and medical treatment in the ancient world.

These pages are soon to be expanded with further discussions. The Resources section also deals with other matters, such as the various ways that magnetic therapy can be used and the various ailments it has been used for in the past – and indeed is still being used for today.

There is some fascinating material about magnetic therapy in sport. Also a brief report about using magnets to treat animals. And also a great deal of advice on how to go about selecting the right bracelet or bangle for you.

In short, there is already plenty of material there for you to sink your teeth into. And over the next few weeks, more material – a little bird has told us – will be added.

As always, we welcome comments on this article and look forward to reading what you have to say.

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They’re giving away a bracelet for March

Thin jet black gold edges magnetic bracelet

Thin jet black gold edges magnetic bracelet

Recently, I’ve been banging on about winter and discounts from Magnetic Therapy Bracelets. Well enough’s enough so no more about discounts. But it is still winter and so I’m going to have to say something about that.

Actually, I was going to say something about Spring, but those of you who live in England – not to mention Scotland – might feel that any talk of Spring is somewhat premature.

What I will say is that despite the cold bite in the air, we have had some sunny days, so that if you sat indoors by the window, you might have been forgiven for thinking that the Spring had actually arrived… at least if there was a radiator by the window.

Bio 4 Elements Titanium

Bio 4 Elements Titanium

Be that as it May, we are now entering March and in honour of that glorious month those nice people at MTB are ringing the changes with a giveaway offering  a choice of two prizes: a Thin Jet Black Gold Edges Magnetic Bracelet for women or a Bio 4 Elements Titanium Magnetic Bracelet for men.

One quick click on the link above, bearing the word “giveaway” will take you to the relevant Facebook page (where of course you will have to log in and like us and answer the question. There is, of course, no particular right answer. Just answering, shows that you care – or if you have a mobile phone use

dual flames pendant

dual flames pendant

If you have a mobile device you can use this link instead.

And don’t forget: even if you can’t be a winner in the giveaway, you can be a winner by buying any of the wonderful magnetic bracelets, copper bangles or energy pendants on the site. Sales talk? Maybe. But let’s face it, in this lingering cold some of you must be feeling the dull pains of arthritis and many of you are still drained of energy. And if you pay a visit to Magnetic Therapy Bracelets you’re bound to find something that will appeal to you and give you that little boost that you really need.

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A magnetic bracelet for Valentine’s Day



Those of you who are wondering what to get your wife/girlfriend (or husband/boyfriend) for Saint Valentine’s Day could do worse than to buy them a magnetic bracelet.

Magnetic Therapy Bracelets is running a Valentine’s Day promotion with some excellent discounts. Try them and see if you can find what you like there. I’m sure you can.

Remember the good thing about magnets is that they attract. So if you want to remind that certain special someone in your life that you are still attracted to them, then a magnetic bracelet is the perfect gift.

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